Other Treatments

Dr. Jason Yu offers additional treatment options for variety of medical conditions such as bruxism (teeth grinding), TMJ dysfunction (jaw pain), excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and certain muscular disorders. Dr. Yu is committed to the latest advancements in medical treatments ensuring that his patients receive the most innovative care available.

Due to TGA requirements Dr. Jason Yu cannot discuss the specifics of these treatments. If you want to explore these options in more detail please book an appointment.

Armpit injection
Jason Yu druing a treatment procedure

Why choose Dr Jason Yu and not a cosmetic physician, dentist or nurse?

Medicare has a safety net limit for individuals or a family for each calendar year (Jan-Dec). All out of pocket health expenses contribute to this limit if there is a Medicare item number associated with provision of health services. Once you hit your safety net limit your out of pocket expenses for medical treatment such as specialists or allied health visits (psychologist, physiotherapist, dietician, speech therapist etc.), surgical procedures (IVF, childbirth, rhinoplasty etc.) are greatly reduced. Out of pocket expenses with cosmetic physicians, dentists and nurses DO NOT contribute to this safety net limit. You can check whether you have reached your safety net limit through the Express Medicare application on your app store. 

Visit this link for more information on the Medicare safety net limit.

Assistant during an allergy testing procedure

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